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First I would like to thank you for helping to make this club a better place and helping to contribute!

If you have an expense to be reimbursed, please fill out the expense reimbursement form and submit the form with original receipts to the Treasurer.

Expense Form:  MSC - Expense Reimbursement Form.xls

Social Event Expense/Revenue Form: Social Event Revenue_Expense Tracking Form.xlt

Original receipts are a detailed description of what was purchased with the vendors name, HST # and information on it. No other forms of receipts will be accepted for reimbursement. Your credit card receipt will not be accepted.

Please submit your expenses to the treasurer no later than 1 week past month end of the date of expense. (For example, if your purchase was on June 15, you must submit your expense form and receipts associated, by July 7.) This is to ensure you get your reimbursement within a reasonable time, to account for expenses on a monthly basis, and less likely to loose your receipts the longer you keep them.

Reimbursements will not be accepted 2 weeks after fiscal year end, which is October 31, 2015. We have to submit financials and finalize fiscal year end books in order to file taxes. Once this is done the books for the fiscal year are closed, and can no longer be changed. 

Ways to submit: 
Email the treasurer (treasurer@mooredalesailing.com) notifying of the expense, you can either: 
1. Place your form and receipts in an envelope into the Treasurer locker #34 (locker is labelled)
2. Arrange to mail the information directly to the treasurer (email for address)
3. Arrange a day to meet in person to hand deliver

Once again, only original purchase receipts will be accepted, this is the law, and any audits for the club by the government will be looking for this. There will be no exceptions.

Any question please do not hesitate to contact the Treasurer at treasurer@mooredalesailing.com.

Thank you very much!

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