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Safety During COVID-19  – Member Guidelines​ ​(effective May 25, 2020)   

  • Do not come to the club if you are ill, have been exposed to someone who is ill, or if you have travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days 

  • Bring a face mask to wear if you are near others (or if requested to wear one by another member) and a ziploc bag to keep it dry while you're on the water 

  • Sign in and sign out of the property on the form at the signed area that will be provided at the back entry as you enter the club 

  • Maintain a distance of 2m from others at all times and do not gather in groups larger than 5 people 

  • The Clubhouse (including access to the kitchen and BBQs) and change rooms are off limits unless access is required in an emergency. Please ensure you have everything you need before you come to the club. 

  • While on club grounds, sharing of food, drinks and belongings with other non household members is strongly discouraged. 

  • Guests are not allowed at the club at this time

  • Be kind to and respectful of each other - there is zero tolerance for bad behaviour

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer and don't touch your face 

  • If you touch it, disinfect it - this includes locks, door knobs, tools, other equipment, and the port-a-potties  

  • Please sign out a boat using the usual boat sign out list 

  • Follow the wind strength and geographic limits applicable to your qualification level - this is especially important as fewer boats will be out on the water in case you get into trouble 

  • One person/boat at a time on the launch ramp/dock whenever possible 

  • After sailing, disinfect high-touch areas using disinfectant spray by spraying on solution, letting it sit for 5min, and wiping or rinsing it off (this includes dolly handles, tiller/tiller extension, and gunwales) 

  • Sanitize your hands after handling the boats 

  • Wash your sailing gloves after each use 

  • Do not share gear or supplies (e.g., water bottles, PFDs, sunscreen) 

  • Storage of gear at the club is not currently permitted

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