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The best adult sailing club in Toronto to learn, race and enjoy the waterfront


Mooredale is home to International and Canadian champion helms and crews, and all of our experienced sailors are happy to share their knowledge with those who are just getting started. Our enthusiasm is quickly infectious for most new members and it's a great way to meet lots of new people in a short period of time. If you're a new member, come to Race Training to learn the ins and outs! Or volunteer to help run a race. No experience is required, and you'll get to use flags (and a cannon!) and get up close to the action.

step one

Contact our race director at racing@mooredalesailing.com if you have any questions and to get added to the racing email list.

Once you are verified (old salt test or our training program) you are ready to start racing


Friday night racing

This is one of the world's biggest one-design (one boat type) regular race meeting. From May to early September there can be up to 50 boats!

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Live race results for the season

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harbour master series

This series is on selected Sundays throughout the season. There are 2 races back to back and you can select who you want to race with. 

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Live series results

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club regattas

This is the big day out. Each club hosts a one day regatta usually comprising of 4 - 5 races. Followed by dinner and a party. Excellent way to spend the long Summer weekend days in Toronto 

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Race training

Learn from your fellow racers including national and international champions. Each session will focus on a different aspect of racing. First the theory in our club house and then on the water training.

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Friday Night Racing

Super-unique, this is one of the world's biggest one-design (one boat type) regular race meeting. There can be up to 50 boats!

From May to early September, you sign up as a helm or crew and get randomly paired with another Mooredale member. Then you're off to the races, competing as individual boats for the coveted "mug" but also on behalf of our club against other clubs for the end-of-year Spanish Donkey trophy.

Racing starts at 7pm (be at the club at least 1 hour earlier!) and is finished around 8:30pm, except for the hanging out and rehash of all the events of the night!

How the Draw works:

  • Sign up by Wednesday evening as either a helm or crew
  • The race director will do a draw and post/email the results and boat assignments. Boat captains are assigned their boats. Extra boats are assigned randomly. At this time the "cut-off time" will be posted - you must be at the club by this time to ensure you get to race.
  • If you can no longer race, please contact the race director as soon as you know. If you are coming but will be a few minutes late, please also let the race director know.
  • If you don't have a helm or crew assigned PLEASE STILL SHOW UP. You will almost certainly get to race as extra people show up or some others don't show. If for some reason you don't get a partner, you will be first in the draw next time you come, ensuring you get a spot!
  • If you do not show up and don't let the race director know, you will be at the bottom of the list for the next race. Please be courteous to the director (who is juggling a lot of things at race time) and your potential helm/crew and let us know you're not coming.

Harbourmaster Series

On many Sundays during the season at 1pm there are two races back-to-back. 

Find a partner, sign out a boat and join the racing!

Sundays are often a bit more competitive as you see some of the championship teams out there who've been sailing together for years. The top 3 teams get the "mugs".

Make sure you are on the racing email list so that you know when these are happening (step 1 above!)  

Each race is planned to be between 45 mins and 1 hour long. Distance and location depends on the weather and wind direction. Each club hosts a number of harbourmasters so volunteers are always welcome. 

Club Regattas

If you want a full day on the water, enter a regatta! The first gun is usually around 11am, racing goes until 4pm, and the on water racing event is followed by dinner, results and a party. 

Each club hosts one every season and it is a great way to get to know the neighbours and fellow racers. 

Rules for starting a race


5 minutes: gun, Albacore flag is raised
4 minutes: gun, preparatory flag is raised (could be "P" flag, black flag, or other)
1 minute: gun, preparatory flag is lowered
Start: gun, Albacore flag is lowered

Racing Rules: Racing Rules of Sailing 

Know Your Flags! Click here to see the most important flags for racing.

Flag cheat sheet