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The best adult sailing club in Toronto to learn, race and enjoy the waterfront

The best way to meet fellow members whether they are ole salty sailors or newbies and make the best of your Mooredale experience is to get involved! AND the easiest way to get involved is to sign up and just do it! Yes.. it sounds easy, perhaps too easy… but really that is all it takes! Depending on where your interests lie there is an activity for you and a group of people that will help you get started or work with you along the way…

Have you ever wondered what goes into organizing a race on the water? Race committee is for you. Or perhaps you have the urge to hit the water and win? Join our Monday night race training.

Are you a budding culinary expert? Or looking to try a new recipe? Social committee is always looking for help with food prep or and participating in the Wednesday night social is a great way to mix, mingle, and sample a variety of foods and drinks. Are you always ready for a fantastic party? Ever wanted to get involved in running an event for fifty to a hundred of your new best friends? Decorating the grounds, planning for the food and beverages. Setting up your favourite tunes on the stereo. Socials are always fun and a great way to meet other members.

Interested in mentoring or coaching or improving your sailing skills? Our new sailing classes need coaches for weekend or weekday classes. Do you have a green thumb or are you a budding horticulturist? House and grounds needs you. Are you thinking you might want to be a boat captain or own a boat of your own? You can learn how to maintain boats with the boat repair team. Or are you a Mr (or Mrs) FIX-IT always looking for something to fiddle with? Well- we always have something to fix…

Or perhaps you are a plain old social animal? Well then any and all of this is for you… So, don’t be shy, sign up or ask someone to point you in the right direction. It is so easy to get involved. You might be sailing in the morning, find yourself in the race committee boat during the afternoon, and finally cooking up a storm in the evening!

Have fun…and see you at the CLUB.

Wednesday Night Sail and Social

Wednesday Night Sail and Social became part of the fabric of Mooredale Sailing Club about twenty years ago. The evening was idea of one of our Past Commodores, Bruce Withrow. His idea was for club members to come down go for a sail enjoy the use of the club and not worry about either having to go home and cook a meal or go out to a restaurant and spend more money than you should for a good meal. So the plan was to come down for a sail and after enjoy the evening with a meal that didn't go over $10. 

The way the evening works. Cooking teams are formed: They might be a white sail class, a bronze class or just a group who want to have fun and volunteer for the evening. There are only a few rules for the evening and the menu. First no meal should go over $10. So the object is to have a full course meal with appetizers and desert for under that amount. For the people cooking there are some good things about the evening. First you get 15 minutes of fame (well, at Mooredale at least). The second is that you will not be out of pocket. At the end of the evening you will collect back the money you have spent for the meal. Last but not least you do not have to clean up at the end of the evening. Did I mention you get a good meal and meet lots of nice people?

The price of the meal is worked out by taking the number of diners (including the cooks) and dividing that by the cost of the food for the evening (i.e. if there are 50 people for the evening dinner and you have spent $400). The cost of the meal would be $8, but the club needs to add $1 to cover the cost of plates etc. so the end cost would be $9. 

The calculation is worked out by posting on the black board the number of meals the cooks will be preparing for the evening (i.e. 1-50). Then as the members arrive they put their name on the board next to one of the numbers. This is for two reasons. One, to let the cooks know how many they are actually cooking for and two, the draw at the end of the evening for the cleanup crew. 
Note: If less people sign up for dinner then the cost is re calculated. In the above example if 45 people signed up then the cost would be $10  ($9 + $1)

There have been many memorable meals served at the club. Some members have from time to time done theme evenings, Chinese, Indian, Cajun or some other exotic meals. The good thing is there is no pressure to follow in these footsteps as many evenings are just great BBQs.  There are a few things to think about. There are a few vegetarians in the club or people that don't eat beef or pork (usually about 3-4 people on any given evening). For those people you should plan a little something extra or different. Keep away from foods that look inexpensive but aren't. Ribs are great but unless you get them on sale will cost more than they are worth. 

Theme nights go over in a big way. Some have even come in costume and brought their own music. If you choose to add some kind of exotic drink to your menu, you should plan on adding that on as an extra cost as some sailors don't drink them.  

Here is a copy of a quick budget. Think of this as a guide. You can play with the numbers by changing the appetizers or any other number as you need to work within the $10 frame.

Suggested budget (per person):
House: $1
Appetizers: $1.50
Main Meats/Fish: $3.00
Sides: $2
Dessert: $1

I hope that this guide helps and I hope to see many of you out to our evening of sailing and social fun.